Please put your name on the bottom.

If you make any mistakes, please let the staff know.


  1. Draw your design.
    Remember when you’re drawing the picture will be reversed when you draw a collar.
  2. Take the head and body a part.
    Turn the head upside down on the table but not too close to the body.
    You don’t want the paint to touch.
  3. First paint the background color for the kimono.
    Put your paint in a bowl and use your brush to paint in strokes.
    Be careful not to use too much paint.
    When you mix your colors you want to keep it light.
    If your background paint is too dark you won’t be able to see the design.
    Each table has a wood sample to test your colors.
    Place your Kokeshi on a pencil and paint with the flat brush.
    It is recommended to use two coats of paint.
    After you finish painting, please dry it.
  4. While the body is drying you can paint hair on the head.
    Use the flat brush for a square bang or a round brush for a rounded bang.
    If you would like to paint lines on the hair make your background color lighter and the lines darker.
  5. When painting the eyes and mouth, don’t add water because the paint will spread.
    The staff will paint cheeks if you request.
  6. Please use dark colors to paint your design.
  7. The lines of the collar can be painted the same as your background or with a different color.
    Please make your lines darker.
  8. The staff will paint the final coat.
  9. Please get your Kokeshi just before you will leave. It takes time to dry.