Let's experience kokeshi-making. Experience

Kokeshi painting classes

Draw it in the white tree area freely. Even the form of the kokeshi doll thinks about various characters of animal manga, scenery, and tries the kokeshi doll-making left in the recollection!! It is hung easily.(2011-US$=83YEN)

The order of a way to draw.


1,200 yen course (About $14.4) Both sides are samples.
Daruma type 7cm in Toothpick type 7.5cm In pen stand type 10cm
Daruma type in Toothpick type In pen stand type
1,800 yen course (About $21.6) Both sides are samples.
Circle head type 14cm In pen stand type 12cm  
Circle head type In pen stand type  


Individual person Group
Fixed, the staff From one person 15 people-60 people
Reception Every day Monday - Saturday(Discuss a day ・ holiday.)
Application Every day Monday - Saturday(Discuss a day ・ holiday.)
Reception time 9:00~14:00
Annual special holiday Regular holiday every Tuesday / Wednesday.
New Year's holiday December 29-January 4
The time required
  • 1,200 yen course for 1-hour 30-minute(Study tour ・ Shopping is contained.)
  • 1,800 yen course for 1-hour 30-minute(It is the same as the above.)
Takeout When it is brought back, it is lacquer coating one time painting finishing. Take a little abundant time because lacquer painting takes time.
It is sent later. Proceed to the guest whose even arrival is good later with the group. It is painted ( it is being made our company goods ), and free is delivered in bulk. But a circle head type becomes lacquer finishing (4-5 days are necessary.)
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