Let's look at kokeshi Gallery

Sosaku Kokeshi Museum

This museum displays about 1,000 kokeshi dolls, including dento (traditional) kokeshi, Usaburo Kokeshi, and kokeshi works of artisans of Gunma Prefecture awarded a Minister’s Prize in contests. Please enjoy the warm and tender appeal of sosaku kokeshi (kokeshi exhibited in the museum are not for sale).

Sosaku Kokeshi Gallery

Kokeshi in Gunma Prefecture is characterized by the fact that artisans make their products from plain wood prepared with a woodworking wheel (including woodworking lathes) based on free ideas and original forms, painting, and carving. Considering the comments received by prize-winning works at kokeshi contests and exhibitions throughout Japan, the sosaku kokeshi, only one of which is made, features a high level of artistic quality and excellent carving expression. We hope you enjoy kokeshi works from Gunma, for which artisans spent many days selecting the wood used, which is mainly the highest grade of keyaki available in Japan, and is reflected in the high prices of the works.

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